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Stations are listed by state/territory/province, usually based on where the transmitters are located.
If you live near a state border, you are reminded to check for stations from adjacent states.
Sites listed more than once have multiple feeds available.  Some feeds are better than others.
These feeds are provided by other parties and are the responsibility of those providing them.
If you find new feeds or have issues with the ones listed, click here to notify the webmaster.

(including LIVE broadcasts of special weather statements)
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Birmingham (KIH54) 162.55 MHz
Huntsville (KIH20) 162.40 MHz

Safford (KXI24) 162.55 MHz
Tucson (WXL30) 162.40 MHz
Tucson (WXL30) 162.40 MHz

Fort Smith (WXJ50) 162.55 MHz
Little Rock (WXJ55) 162.55 MHz

Coachella (KIG78) 162.40 MHz
El Paso Mtns (WNG659) 162.425 MHz
Grass Valley (WWF67) 162.40 MHz
Los Angeles (KWO37) 162.55 MHz
Monterey (KEC49) 162.55 MHz
Yosemite (KAD94) 162.45 MHz

Colorado Springs (WXM56) 162.475 MHz
Denver (KEC76) 162.55 MHz
Dillon (WNG737) 162.40 MHz
Fort Collins (WXM92) 162.45 MHz
Longmont (WXM51) 162.475 MHz

Hartford (WXJ41) 162.475 MHz

Daytona Beach (KIH26) 162.40 MHz
Fort Myers (WXK83) 162.475 MHz
Melbourne (WXJ70) 162.55 MHz
Miami (KHB34) 162.55 MHz
Orlando (KIH63) 162.475 MHz
Pensacola (KEC86) 162.40 MHz
Sarasota (WWG59) 162.40 MHz
Tampa Bay (KHB32) 162.55 MHz

Augusta (WXK54) 162.55 MHz
Buchanan (WWH23) 162.425 MHz
Clayton (KXI81) 162.45 MHz
Cleveland (WXJ53) 162.525 MHz
Jesup (WXJ28) 162.45 MHz
Savannah (KEC85) 162.40 MHz

Maui (WWG75) 162.40 MHz

Champaign (WXJ76) 162.55 MHz
DeKalb (WNG536) 162.55 MHz
Dixon (KZZ55) 162.525 MHz
Galesburg (KZZ66) 162.40 MHz
Lockport (KZZ81) 162.425 MHz
Marion (WXM49) 162.425 MHz
Odell (WXK24) 162.45 MHz
Peoria (WXJ71) 162.475 MHz
Quad Cities (WXJ73) 162.55 MHz
Rockford (KZZ57) 162.475 MHz
Salem (KXI49) 162.475 MHz
Springfield (WXJ75) 162.40 MHz

Angola (KXI94) 162.425 MHz
Bloomington (WXM78) 162.45 MHz
Evansville (KIG76) 162.55 MHz
Fort Wayne (WXJ58) 162.55 MHz
Hebron (WNG689) 162.45 MHz
Indianapolis (KEC74) 162.55 MHz
Michigan City (KJY62) 162.50 MHz
South Bend (WXJ57) 162.40 MHz

Cedar Rapids (WXL61) 162.475 MHz
Mason City (KXI68) 162.45 MHz
Saint Ansgar (KXI68) 162.45 MHz
Waterloo (WXL94) 162.55 MHz
Dodge City (WXK93) 162.475 MHz
Topeka (WXK91) 162.475 MHz
Wichita (KEC59) 162.55 MHz

Ashland (KIH39) 162.55 MHz
Irvine (WNG727) 162.475 MHz
Lexington (KIH41) 162.40 MHz
Mount Vernon (WWG70) 162.425 MHz

Dresden (WSM60) 162.475 MHz
Falmouth (KDO95) 162.55 MHz

Baltimore (KEC83) 162.40 MHz
Sudlersville (WXK97) 162.50 MHz

Boston (KHB35) 162.475 MHz
Worcester (WXL93) 162.55 MHz

Detroit (KEC63) 162.55 MHz
Flint (KIH29) 162.475 MHz
Grand Rapids (KIG63) 162.55 MHz
Petoskey (WNG572) 162.475 MHz
West Olive (WXN99) 162.425 MHz
Wolf Lake (WNG672) 162.425 MHz

Appleton (KXI32) 162.55 MHz
Clearwater (WNG676) 162.50 MHz
Minneapolis/St Paul (KEC65) 162.55 MHz
Saint Cloud (WXL65) 162.40 MHz
Winona (KGG95) 162.425 MHz

Booneville (KIH53) 162.40 MHz
Jackson (KIH38) 162.40 MHz
Meridian (KIH49) 162.55 MHz

Branson (KZZ43) 162.55 MHz
Camdenton (WXJ90) 162.55 MHz
St Louis (KDO89) 162.55 MHz
St Louis (KDO89) 162.55 MHz

Grand Island (WXL74) 162.40 MHz
Lincoln (WXM20) 162.475 MHz
Omaha (KIH61) 162.40 MHz

Fernley (WWG20) 162.45 MHz
Reno (WXK58) 162.55 MHz

New Hampshire
Holderness (WNG545) 162.55 MHz

New Jersey
Atlantic City (KHB38) 162.40 MHz
Atlantic City1 (KHB38) 162.40 MHz

New York
Albany (WXL34) 162.55 MHz
Highland (WXL37) 162.475 MHz
Norwich (KHC49) 162.525 MHz
Rochester (KHA53) 162.50 MHz
Syracuse (WXL31) 162.55 MHz

North Carolina
Asheville (WXL56) 162.40 MHz
Chapel Hill (WXL58) 162.55 MHz
Garner (WNG706) 162.45 MHz
Henderson (WNG586) 162.50 MHz
New Bern (KEC84) 162.40 MHz
Rocky Mount (WXL59) 162.475 MHz
North Dakota
Fargo (WXK42) 162.475 MHz

Akron1 (KDO94) 162.40 MHz
Cleveland (KHB59) 162.55 MHz
Columbus (KIG86) 162.55 MHz
Grafton (WNG698) 162.50 MHz
Sandusky (KHB97) 162.40 MHz
Toledo (WXL51) 162.50 MHz

Bartlesville (WNG644) 162.425 MHz
Oklahoma City (WXK85) 162.40 MHz
Stillwater (WNG654) 162.50 MHz

Eugene (KEC42) 162.40 MHz
Florence (WNG674) 162.50 MHz
Portland (KIG98) 162.55 MHz

Allentown (WXL39) 162.40 MHz
Erie (KEC58) 162.40 MHz

Puerto Rico
San Juan (WXJ69) 162.40 MHz

Rhode Island
Providence (WXJ39) 162.40 MHz

South Carolina
Charleston (KHB29) 162.55 MHz
Greenville (WXJ21) 162.55 MHz
Myrtle Beach (KEC95) 162.40 MHz

South Dakota
Aberdeen (WXM25) 162.475 MHz
Lead/Spearfish (WXL23) 162.525 MHz
Sioux Falls (WXM28) 162.40 MHz

Nashville (KIG79) 162.55 MHz
Vale (KHA46) 162.45 MHz

Amarillo (WXK38) 162.55 MHz
Corsicana (KXI87) 162.525 MHz
Fort Worth (KEC55) 162.55 MHz
Galveston (KHB40) 162.55 MHz
Lubbock (WXK79) 162.40 MHz
Plainview (WNG561) 162.45 MHz
San Angelo (WXK33) 162.55 MHz
Tyler (WXK36) 162.475 MHz

Salt Lake City (KEC78) 162.55 MHz

Burlington (KIG60) 162.40 MHz
Windsor (WXM44) 162.475 MHz

Manassas (KHB36) 162.55 MHz
Wytheville-Sand Mtn (WZ2500) 162.450 MHz

Davis Peak (WNG604) 162.525 MHz
Seattle (KHB60) 162.55 MHz
Spokane (WXL86) 162.40 MHz
Wenatchee (WXM48) 162.475 MHz

Baraboo (KHA47) 162.45 MHz
Green Bay (KIG65) 162.55 MHz
Madison (WXJ87) 162.55 MHz
Madison (WXJ87) 162.55 MHz
Menomonie (WXJ88) 162.40 MHz
Milwaukee (KEC60) 162.40 MHz
Wausaukee (WNG553) 162.40 MHz

Daytona Beach, Florida (KIH26):  Click to listenMiami, Florida (KHB34):  Click to listenCleveland, Georgia (WXJ53):  Click to listenDeKalb, Illinois (WNG536):  Click to listenLockport, Illinois (KZZ81):  Click to listenRockford, Illinois (KZZ57):  Click to listenMason City, Iowa (KXI68):  Click to listenSudlersville, Maryland (WXK97):  Click to listenAtlantic City, New Jersey (KHB38):  Click to listenAtlantic City, New Jersey (KHB38):  Click to listenNew Bern, North Carolina (KEC84):  Click to listenAkron, Ohio (KDO94):  Click to listenWenatchee, Washington (WXM48):  Click to listenMadison, Wisconsin (WXJ87):  Click to listen
Number of stations mapped: 137   Duplicate feeds: 5   Total number of feeds: 157

The Weather Underground is looking for people to stream their local weather radio broadcasts.
If you have a computer running 24x7, a weather radio with an output jack, good reception, and a
broadband connection, you can do this!  Click here to see how you can provide this public service.

(Broadcasts of Special Weather Statements NOT Available)
Weather Forecast Office
Flagstaff, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego, California
Jacksonville, Florida
Miami, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Lincoln, Illinois
Indianapolis, Indiana
Wichita, Kansas
Paducah, Kentucky
Caribou, Maine
Portland, Maine (not being updated)
Boston, Massachusetts
Gaylord, Michigan
Missoula, Montana
North Platte, Nebraska
Albany, New York
Binghamton, New York
Buffalo, New York
New York, New York
Weather Forecast Office
Newport/Morehead City, North Carolina
Raleigh, North Carolina
Bismarck, North Dakota
Cleveland, Ohio
Wilmington, Ohio
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
State College, Pennsylvania
Greenville, South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina
Amarillo, Texas
El Paso, Texas
Burlington, Vermont
Blacksburg, Virginia
Sterling, Virginia
Wakefield, Virginia
Seattle, Washington
Charleston, West Virginia
Riverton, Wyoming

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